The Perfect Shot

Hello viewers!

One of my dreams is to be able to travel the world as a photographer. I hope to photograph nature in all its beauty so those who couldn’t make they journey are able to see all that surrounds them in the world. I love all the meaning behind a photo, it gives emotion and knowledge. Some take your breath away at the incredible ability to capture such a life like image that makes the viewer truly feel like he or she is there. I strive to become such a photographer that can make viewers gasp at the images, make them tear up at the beauty, and make them laugh. 

I am always learning new techniques to become a better photographer. I still stare in awe at some images, just taking in the quality it provides. I love love love macro shots!! One thing I love to do is grab my macro lens and get as close to a flower as possible, capturing only a tiny part of it. Then when you look at the image it takes time to realize what the photo is of. Its like a mystery, a beautiful delicate mystery. 

Lets talk Cameras! What’s your preference? I got a Nikon about 5 years ago and I cannot imagine having anything else! Sure, it may just seem to some like a tool used to achieve the image. But to me…the way it feels in your hand, where the buttons are located, the way the lenses attach. It is almost an art in itself. Looking at a camera from another company is like a foreign world! The menu is weird, and the buttons are on the wrong side! Ha, I’m sure I sound like a crazy lady right now…but I really love photography. Every bit of it. 

What are some of your dreams and hopes for the future? I love to hear what people have passions for and want to accomplish in life. And please, if you have any photography tips or advice leave some comments! I would love to try some new ideas! 

i’ll leave you with some photos of my own!aranislandbutterfly copyDSC_0715 copy

Until next time wonderful readers! 🙂