Going Bananas

dsc_0482This beautiful fall weather got me thinking about the delicious foods that make their appearances around the campfire. A favorite from my childhood was the banana boat! Just the thought of its rich aroma takes me right back to the chilly nights around the glowing fire. A banana boat is quit literally a banana acting as a boat for the amazing Smore flavors stuffed inside. The idea is to cut a slit in a banana, peel still on, and place marshmallows, chocolate, and graham cracker pieces inside. You then wrap then entire banana in foil and let the flames do the rest! While resting on the fire the bananas heats up, the chocolate melts in a gooey fudge and the marshmallows become a light fluff throughout the banana. Digging into this decadent dessert is my favorite! The flavors compliment each other so well and the heat from the campfire just melts them altogether into a cohesive bite. Taking inspiration from this indulgent campfire dessert, I decided to transform it into a cupcake! I knew that I wanted to do a delicious banana cupcake with mini chocolate chips melting throughout.

I found the perfect recipe for my idea from Sally’s Baking Addiction Blog. Her take on the banana chocolate chip cupcake worked amazingly for my idea. Since I did want it to be a banana boat inspired cupcake,  I made my own twists allowing this cupcake to hit the perfect notes I was dreaming of. I chose to do a chocolate and marshmallow fluff swirl icing.

I topped it off with crushed graham crackers to add the final hint from the banana boat. dsc_0481


Bringing in the Pink

As I continue into my final year of college I decided to start a new adventure! I have become a Mary Kay Beauty Consultant!! I am so excited about this new journey, it has already been a great way to help offset the cost of daily expenses. College can be a crazy and stressful time. I know that I haven’t experienced anything beyond college to compare it to, but it sure feels exhausting to me! Balancing an internship, classes, a job, a dog, and homework I feel like there’s never a free minute. That is why Mary Kay is so perfect, I can work on my own schedule! If I am busy one week, then I just schedule appointments around that. It has made an impossible schedule feel manageable again. I am incredibly lucky to have my parents helping me more than I could ever imagine. How it would ever be possible to have an unpaid internship that doesn’t allow for a job, yet having to pay for tuition, rent, groceries, and gas is beyond me! My parents have been able to help with those outrages expenses. However, Mary Kay has given me a little more financial ability as far as daily expenses go at this point. Hopefully it is something that will continue to grow over time and I will be able to support myself even more. If you would have asked me over the summer about Mary Kay, I would have said no way! I would have said I do not know nearly enough people for that, I don’t even have the communication skills for it! I cannot believe how wrong I was, Mary Kay has encouraged me to reach out to new people and become more confident in myself. I have made so many new friendships through this experience, and it has only been two months! It is incredible what can happen when you have a little motivation to put yourself out there. The best part is…the products are amazing! The products just about sell themselves, and if they don’t live up to their expectations there’s a 100% satisfaction guarantee. The holiday season brings even more reason to check out Mary Kay! Products can be Christmas wrapped, discounted, and include special gifts! For example, our mint food scrub comes with free fuzzy socks! Who doesn’t love some fuzzy socks in their stocking. Check out my special Christmas offers below and visit my website for more info on products or becoming a consultant! I never thought this would be something for me, but Mary Kay is truly an amazing experience that will impact your life for the better!

Until next time beauties,


Mary Kay Christmas Specials



What Happens When You Find the One….

Or the two, or three dogs that all feel like they are meant to be yours. Foster Failing is ever so tempting, to just swipe your card and adopt. Then what? When the vet bills pile up and you’re running low on dog food and that favorite toy just broke. As a college student in a small apartment and a part time job, adopting is not the right choice for me right now, or for the dogs. I tell myself over and over again how they deserve a big backyard and fur siblings, not a little apartment and an owner with a crazy schedule. I am fostering though because of the difference it makes in the lives of so many dogs. How could I continue doing that if I adopt? Being in an apartment doesn’t allow for lots of space or lots of dogs. If it did, I would probably have ten dogs by now. It is so hard to not adopt when you find that dog that feels like he or she is already a part of your family. I always thought of dogs like people, you find those few people who are meant to be in your life. It kind of just clicks sometimes, whether it be a best friend or significant other. I thought it was like this with dogs too, you find those few dogs that are just meant to be. However, lately I have been thinking maybe this isn’t so true. I have fostered a good amount of dogs, and I would love to adopt any of them. But there have been those one or two that just pull at your heart unlike anything else. I didn’t think this would happen as often as it does. I thought it would be like people, as I mentioned before, where you find a few that last a lifetime. But maybe with dogs its completely different, maybe with dogs I could fall in love with more then I can count and all in different ways. Fostering has helped me to learn that maybe not all the dogs you fall in love with are meant to stay in your life forever, but the impact that they make will always last. Although I don’t know how a dogs mind works, I have to hope they will remember my impact forever as well, that my week or weeks with them has helped them in some way. wasabisauceBlack and White (LazyLens 20141122 050754 normal)

Fostering Love

Hey Readers!

It’s the start of a new semester for me and that mean lots of scheduling and planning! In the last few months I have added a new routine into my daily life. This new addition has required lots of attention, cleaning, and love – puppies!! About three months ago I began fostering dogs at my local Humane Society. At first, I’ll admit, it was a quick fix since I couldn’t adopt the dog I fell in love with. I thought, I’ll just foster her until I can afford her. However, I quickly realized how much more this dog deserved. She deserved a backyard, not a school apartment. She deserved a house with children, not four roommates. She deserved so much more then I could give at this point in my life. If it was a different time, I would have adopted her in a heartbeat. Fostering this dog made me realize how simply being a temporary home made a difference, and that was the role I I wanted to play until I could afford to rescue. Fostering dogs is not for everyone, and a lot of people tell me they could never do it when I inform them of the process. I completely understand, I accidentally fell into the foster life and prior to that I would have said the same thing. I would have said how falling in love with them and caring too much would prevent me from being a good foster. But I was so entirely wrong! You can foster and love the dog as if it were your own. It will be hard when that dog gets adopted. Although as sad as you are, you will also be that happy that you helped that dog on its journey to his or her forever home. You are no less important than the owner that will one day adopt, you have given that dog love in its most vulnerable time. Fostering is such a wonderful experience, for you and the dog! I have been so happy to come home to a loving and loyal dog everyday after class. While they are quite a handful, fostering is one of the most meaningful things I have ever done. You can see the dog grow and become more ready to be in their forever home. If you love dogs and are ready to give a helping hand go to your local animal shelter or humane society and ask how you can help! Trust me, the hardest part is taking the first step. Once you become a foster, you’ll never regret it. If you don’t have the time to care for a dog, you can simply become a dog walker at many of these places! So many of the shelters need more volunteers to come and exercise the dogs during the day. How much better does it get!? You can go get some puppy therapy while giving a helping hand! Whatever your commitment is, whether it be a full time foster, or a weekend dog walker…just put yourself out there! These dogs will love you forever for being a part of their lives and helping them in their journey to a forever home. And for a little extra motivation before I go, I’ll leave you with a couple photos of my foster pups that have made it to their forever homes!

Till next time future fosters…

WP_004741 10806286_10203211006908190_4742436174773333197_n

Frozen in Time

It isn’t uncommon to hear of tragedy and loss in the news on a daily basis. Occasionally, we even hear of celebrities who have passed on to a better place. Normally when this happens we reflect on their careers and send good thoughts to their families. Then over time we accept the news and life goes on. We remember them fondly, but for many fans the news of their passing fades over time. But this time…this time something feels differently. We are mourning not only a celebrity, but someone we felt connected to. Robin Williams was not just an actor who we see in movies from time to time. He was in our lives in so many ways, we laughed as he did impressions and we cried as he portrayed sorrow. As a simple fan, I find it difficult to mention his passing without commenting on his sense of humor or his good heart. And yet how do I know this? I have never met him, I have never talked to him, I have never seen him in person. Yet there was something about him that passed through his roles in film, you could see it in his smile and his laugh. It never felt like an act or a role, it all felt genuine. You could truly feel the impact and emotion, you could see the love he had for his career. 

As I said before, I have never met this man or spoke to him. My thoughts are simply the opinion that I have taken from seeing his films. Clearly he had obstacles in life,as each and everyone one of us do. Dealing with these obstacles in our own way makes us unique. For some pushing through is easier than for others. I am truly sad that Robin Williams is no longer with us to fill our lives with laughter. I have no idea what he was going through, but I am utterly sad that it was making his life so difficult. 

Depression is not something to take lightly. I have seen some comments and opinions on the topic of depression that have truly saddened me. It is heartbreaking to see that people are unaware of the effects it can have, that they feel it is something to be ignored or that the person just needs to toughen up. Depression alters the way people think and see the world surrounding them. It isn’t about how your or I see the world, it’s about the way that person does.The way they can feel alone, trapped, and hurt. Depression is something that we need to be educated on, so instead of putting those people down we are able to better help them. From the contagious smile on Robin Williams’ face I never would have known the battles he was fighting, and yet they were there. Let’s bring something good from this loss and help others who are fighting their own battles and struggling. Let’s come together and fight along side with them. Let’s make a difference. Let’s bring the laughter back the way Robin Williams always did for us.

Until next time, 

Robin – you will be greatly missed and you will always be a part of our lives. Through your career, your humor and personality will forever be frozen in time, forever with us. 

No Make-Up Monday!

Hello Beautiful Readers!
Today, I am going to talk about a new idea I had last night – as you may be able to tell from the headline it’s about make up! We all have our morning routines, putting on the mascara and eye liner. Working in some eye shadow and a pop of color on the lips! Don’t get me wrong, I love make up! I wear it decently often when I am headed out somewhere. But when I was in high school I worse eye-liner almost everyday. Why? Because I thought I looked better with it then without it. But natural beauty and a smile beats anything else! I realized that towards the end of my time in high school. And since then I wear make up when I want to, but not because I feel like I need to. I think it is important for everyone to realize that make up isn’t beauty, it’s the person under the make up. I think today society is pointing younger generations in a direction that says they need to start wearing make up often, and at a young age. Truthfully, none of that matters..none of those people we see in magazines look like themselves. They have been covered in make up and then edited with photoshop. 

In honor of these thoughts that were wondering my brain as I was trying to fall asleep last night I decided to create No Make-Up Monday on my blog! We all dread Mondays, but maybe if we start the week naturally it will give us a boost to get through the day! So, here it is…I challenge you to go without make-up on your next Monday! Or any day you feel like it! Sure at first you may feel bare, but its beautiful! Show off your natural gorgeous self and encourage others to do the same!

Shed those layers of powder and liners on your face – because in reality you may look better for the moment but wearing it too often and not taking it off can cause more wrinkles later on!

DSC_0657Like I said – I do love make up! I even did the make up for this wonderful lady and used her eyes for a photo shoot! But it is just as important to feel confident in your own skin, to take off those bright yellow eye lashes and be yourself! Granted, most of you probably aren’t wearing these beauties on a regular basis. But you get the idea 🙂

To show you that I am going to follow my own challenge as much as I encourage you to – here’s my No Make-Up Monday photo!
 DSC_0195Until next time natural beauties 🙂

The Perfect Shot

Hello viewers!

One of my dreams is to be able to travel the world as a photographer. I hope to photograph nature in all its beauty so those who couldn’t make they journey are able to see all that surrounds them in the world. I love all the meaning behind a photo, it gives emotion and knowledge. Some take your breath away at the incredible ability to capture such a life like image that makes the viewer truly feel like he or she is there. I strive to become such a photographer that can make viewers gasp at the images, make them tear up at the beauty, and make them laugh. 

I am always learning new techniques to become a better photographer. I still stare in awe at some images, just taking in the quality it provides. I love love love macro shots!! One thing I love to do is grab my macro lens and get as close to a flower as possible, capturing only a tiny part of it. Then when you look at the image it takes time to realize what the photo is of. Its like a mystery, a beautiful delicate mystery. 

Lets talk Cameras! What’s your preference? I got a Nikon about 5 years ago and I cannot imagine having anything else! Sure, it may just seem to some like a tool used to achieve the image. But to me…the way it feels in your hand, where the buttons are located, the way the lenses attach. It is almost an art in itself. Looking at a camera from another company is like a foreign world! The menu is weird, and the buttons are on the wrong side! Ha, I’m sure I sound like a crazy lady right now…but I really love photography. Every bit of it. 

What are some of your dreams and hopes for the future? I love to hear what people have passions for and want to accomplish in life. And please, if you have any photography tips or advice leave some comments! I would love to try some new ideas! 

i’ll leave you with some photos of my own!aranislandbutterfly copyDSC_0715 copy

Until next time wonderful readers! 🙂