Going Bananas

dsc_0482This beautiful fall weather got me thinking about the delicious foods that make their appearances around the campfire. A favorite from my childhood was the banana boat! Just the thought of its rich aroma takes me right back to the chilly nights around the glowing fire. A banana boat is quit literally a banana acting as a boat for the amazing Smore flavors stuffed inside. The idea is to cut a slit in a banana, peel still on, and place marshmallows, chocolate, and graham cracker pieces inside. You then wrap then entire banana in foil and let the flames do the rest! While resting on the fire the bananas heats up, the chocolate melts in a gooey fudge and the marshmallows become a light fluff throughout the banana. Digging into this decadent dessert is my favorite! The flavors compliment each other so well and the heat from the campfire just melts them altogether into a cohesive bite. Taking inspiration from this indulgent campfire dessert, I decided to transform it into a cupcake! I knew that I wanted to do a delicious banana cupcake with mini chocolate chips melting throughout.

I found the perfect recipe for my idea from Sally’s Baking Addiction Blog. Her take on the banana chocolate chip cupcake worked amazingly for my idea. Since I did want it to be a banana boat inspired cupcake,  I made my own twists allowing this cupcake to hit the perfect notes I was dreaming of. I chose to do a chocolate and marshmallow fluff swirl icing.

I topped it off with crushed graham crackers to add the final hint from the banana boat. dsc_0481


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