Bringing in the Pink

As I continue into my final year of college I decided to start a new adventure! I have become a Mary Kay Beauty Consultant!! I am so excited about this new journey, it has already been a great way to help offset the cost of daily expenses. College can be a crazy and stressful time. I know that I haven’t experienced anything beyond college to compare it to, but it sure feels exhausting to me! Balancing an internship, classes, a job, a dog, and homework I feel like there’s never a free minute. That is why Mary Kay is so perfect, I can work on my own schedule! If I am busy one week, then I just schedule appointments around that. It has made an impossible schedule feel manageable again. I am incredibly lucky to have my parents helping me more than I could ever imagine. How it would ever be possible to have an unpaid internship that doesn’t allow for a job, yet having to pay for tuition, rent, groceries, and gas is beyond me! My parents have been able to help with those outrages expenses. However, Mary Kay has given me a little more financial ability as far as daily expenses go at this point. Hopefully it is something that will continue to grow over time and I will be able to support myself even more. If you would have asked me over the summer about Mary Kay, I would have said no way! I would have said I do not know nearly enough people for that, I don’t even have the communication skills for it! I cannot believe how wrong I was, Mary Kay has encouraged me to reach out to new people and become more confident in myself. I have made so many new friendships through this experience, and it has only been two months! It is incredible what can happen when you have a little motivation to put yourself out there. The best part is…the products are amazing! The products just about sell themselves, and if they don’t live up to their expectations there’s a 100% satisfaction guarantee. The holiday season brings even more reason to check out Mary Kay! Products can be Christmas wrapped, discounted, and include special gifts! For example, our mint food scrub comes with free fuzzy socks! Who doesn’t love some fuzzy socks in their stocking. Check out my special Christmas offers below and visit my website for more info on products or becoming a consultant! I never thought this would be something for me, but Mary Kay is truly an amazing experience that will impact your life for the better!

Until next time beauties,


Mary Kay Christmas Specials