What Happens When You Find the One….

Or the two, or three dogs that all feel like they are meant to be yours. Foster Failing is ever so tempting, to just swipe your card and adopt. Then what? When the vet bills pile up and you’re running low on dog food and that favorite toy just broke. As a college student in a small apartment and a part time job, adopting is not the right choice for me right now, or for the dogs. I tell myself over and over again how they deserve a big backyard and fur siblings, not a little apartment and an owner with a crazy schedule. I am fostering though because of the difference it makes in the lives of so many dogs. How could I continue doing that if I adopt? Being in an apartment doesn’t allow for lots of space or lots of dogs. If it did, I would probably have ten dogs by now. It is so hard to not adopt when you find that dog that feels like he or she is already a part of your family. I always thought of dogs like people, you find those few people who are meant to be in your life. It kind of just clicks sometimes, whether it be a best friend or significant other. I thought it was like this with dogs too, you find those few dogs that are just meant to be. However, lately I have been thinking maybe this isn’t so true. I have fostered a good amount of dogs, and I would love to adopt any of them. But there have been those one or two that just pull at your heart unlike anything else. I didn’t think this would happen as often as it does. I thought it would be like people, as I mentioned before, where you find a few that last a lifetime. But maybe with dogs its completely different, maybe with dogs I could fall in love with more then I can count and all in different ways. Fostering has helped me to learn that maybe not all the dogs you fall in love with are meant to stay in your life forever, but the impact that they make will always last. Although I don’t know how a dogs mind works, I have to hope they will remember my impact forever as well, that my week or weeks with them has helped them in some way. wasabisauceBlack and White (LazyLens 20141122 050754 normal)


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