Frozen in Time

It isn’t uncommon to hear of tragedy and loss in the news on a daily basis. Occasionally, we even hear of celebrities who have passed on to a better place. Normally when this happens we reflect on their careers and send good thoughts to their families. Then over time we accept the news and life goes on. We remember them fondly, but for many fans the news of their passing fades over time. But this time…this time something feels differently. We are mourning not only a celebrity, but someone we felt connected to. Robin Williams was not just an actor who we see in movies from time to time. He was in our lives in so many ways, we laughed as he did impressions and we cried as he portrayed sorrow. As a simple fan, I find it difficult to mention his passing without commenting on his sense of humor or his good heart. And yet how do I know this? I have never met him, I have never talked to him, I have never seen him in person. Yet there was something about him that passed through his roles in film, you could see it in his smile and his laugh. It never felt like an act or a role, it all felt genuine. You could truly feel the impact and emotion, you could see the love he had for his career. 

As I said before, I have never met this man or spoke to him. My thoughts are simply the opinion that I have taken from seeing his films. Clearly he had obstacles in life,as each and everyone one of us do. Dealing with these obstacles in our own way makes us unique. For some pushing through is easier than for others. I am truly sad that Robin Williams is no longer with us to fill our lives with laughter. I have no idea what he was going through, but I am utterly sad that it was making his life so difficult. 

Depression is not something to take lightly. I have seen some comments and opinions on the topic of depression that have truly saddened me. It is heartbreaking to see that people are unaware of the effects it can have, that they feel it is something to be ignored or that the person just needs to toughen up. Depression alters the way people think and see the world surrounding them. It isn’t about how your or I see the world, it’s about the way that person does.The way they can feel alone, trapped, and hurt. Depression is something that we need to be educated on, so instead of putting those people down we are able to better help them. From the contagious smile on Robin Williams’ face I never would have known the battles he was fighting, and yet they were there. Let’s bring something good from this loss and help others who are fighting their own battles and struggling. Let’s come together and fight along side with them. Let’s make a difference. Let’s bring the laughter back the way Robin Williams always did for us.

Until next time, 

Robin – you will be greatly missed and you will always be a part of our lives. Through your career, your humor and personality will forever be frozen in time, forever with us.