Cupcakes From Years Past

I hope everyone has had a good day! 🙂 Tonight I want to reflect on some previous cupcakes I have made. Some of these are from birthdays and celebrations, while others were just for fun! I want to show you that with a little motivation you can create anything. I have never been taught how to properly decorate cupcakes, I am always learning from experience…and trust me there have been plenty of failures that have made way for my successes. If your feeling a little hesitant on your baking skills I hope this provides you with some inspiration to just throw that out the window and get to baking!

Sometimes the internet really can be your best friend! Here are two cupcakes that I made for birthday parties, one tangled themed and the other spider man themed! I googled a few ideas for how to turn these themes into cupcake decorations and then I went out and made it my own!

DSC_0642DSC_0643DSC_0644Here are the Tangled themed cupcakes! This was the first time I tried making smooth icing that you see in the purple. It worked out so well! I simply make regular icing and then…ready for the magic…microwave it! Just for a few seconds and the stir it so its almost a soupy texture, then gently dip your cupcakes in the icing bowl. Just dip them till you see the icing reach the edge of the cupcake tops. I absolutely love the smooth glossy look it gives the cupcakes! Next, I simply went over each cupcakes with yellow icing in a braiding technique to act as the long hair. Only two overlapping icing layers are needed, not three like you would expect. The two layers of icing overlapping in an uneven pattern actually make it look like there are three pieces. Finally, I added some finishing touches like flower sprinkles, bows, and of course the miniature tangled doll! I purchased a small tangled figurine with multiple outfits from Target, it worked perfectly!

WP_001696WP_001695Next are these bright spider man cupcakes! Once again I headed to Target for a spider man action figure. These cupcakes were also easier then you may think! I used the same icing technique as I did for the Tangled cupcakes, except with red instead of purple this time. Next I made some bright blue icing and the smallest tip I could get my hands on! Then I simply drew five or six lines with icing going from the center of the cupcake to the edge. Then I connected each line with a curved line! Easy as that! As for the spider man logo on the one cupcake…I did my best to free hand it. It wasn’t perfect, but I did my best and I was proud with the results!

Hopefully I haven’t bored you with those two baking ideas! I’m just going to leave you with a few photos for ideas you may want to use in the future! They are pretty basic so I won’t provide any step by steps instructions, but please do leave a comment if you have any questions! I’d love to talk 🙂
Until next time bakers… 


Tie-Dye Cupcakes
WP_001029Easter Basket CupcakesWP_001033Pink Lemonade CupcakesWP_002026Cookies and Cream Cupcakes



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