In Search of Success

Hello again!

This time I’m not going to give tips or advice to you. Today, I am actually going to ask for tips from you! I am completely new to the blogging world, so share all your secret ways with me 😉

I do have a few questions specifically if you can’t think of any tips off the top of your head!

Is there a certain way that you should reference a place if you are blogging about one of their products?

What are the crazy jumbled words and symbols that come up in the results whenever i search for how to make a change on my profile!? haha! It seems like a whole new language that I have never seen before. “Insert jumbled letters here to change the layout of such and such”

Finally, what is the best way to reach out to new readers? Are there any specific things that you find work best or advice to stay away from?

I might get back to a normal type post later today, but for now I am going to take some advice from the people who will see my blog most – the readers!

Please don’t be shy with any feedback, I am so excited to be joining the blogging world and I look forward to meeting you! 🙂


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