Food for Thought

Hello Readers!

Today I am going to talk about some delicious foods you should try! One of them is a plain mix that I spiced up a little! The next is a delicious dish that you should definitely go out and grab right away!

First we are going to talk breakfast, what is better then starting your day with pancakes! Although, maybe your kitchen is stocked a bit like mine and you have that one pancake mix that always seems to be sitting in the pantry and never gets used. As you may have read from my previous post on cupcakes I love giving mixes a little boost! I decided to get some use out of that pancake mix and stirred it up in a bowl with water like instructed. Instead of pouring it right on a pan, I added two extra ingredients. I got out one of my favorites, the brown sugar! yum! Don’t worry about how many tablespoons or anything like that, just pour in a good amount or whatever is to your liking. Then get out that ground cinnamon! I gave my batter a decent sprinkling,but once again add however much you feel comfortable with! Next I got to cooking, and I made a plain pancake to see how much ingredients worked together – success! Next I added some toppings while the pancakes were in the pan. Chocolate Chunks and Bananas!! Here’s the turn out! WP_003864I was so pleased with the flavor that was achieved by just adding brown sugar and cinnamon. So use up that plain pancake mix in your pantry and give it a boost!

Oh, and don’t forget the perfect partner for warm flavorful pancakes – a cold glass of milk!WP_003868Next we are going to check out on of my new favorite side dishes! Everyone, grab your keys and head to GIANT Food Stores! They have, in my opinion, the best pasta salad of the summer! Headed to a summer cook out and need to supply some food? Go grab this beautiful Greek Pasta Salad! If your anything like me, you don’t even need an occasion! Just grab a fork and dig in. WP_003863Look at this gorgeous dish! The pops of red and green, and the hunks of feta cheese! The flavors in this pasta jump out even more so then its amazing colors. It really is the perfect dish to cool the summer heat!

What are you waiting for!? Go grab some of this delicious pasta salad!

Can’t go out right now? Head to these websites to check out your future buys at GIANT Food Stores!

Until next time hungry readers 😉



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