No Make-Up Monday!

Hello Beautiful Readers!
Today, I am going to talk about a new idea I had last night – as you may be able to tell from the headline it’s about make up! We all have our morning routines, putting on the mascara and eye liner. Working in some eye shadow and a pop of color on the lips! Don’t get me wrong, I love make up! I wear it decently often when I am headed out somewhere. But when I was in high school I worse eye-liner almost everyday. Why? Because I thought I looked better with it then without it. But natural beauty and a smile beats anything else! I realized that towards the end of my time in high school. And since then I wear make up when I want to, but not because I feel like I need to. I think it is important for everyone to realize that make up isn’t beauty, it’s the person under the make up. I think today society is pointing younger generations in a direction that says they need to start wearing make up often, and at a young age. Truthfully, none of that matters..none of those people we see in magazines look like themselves. They have been covered in make up and then edited with photoshop. 

In honor of these thoughts that were wondering my brain as I was trying to fall asleep last night I decided to create No Make-Up Monday on my blog! We all dread Mondays, but maybe if we start the week naturally it will give us a boost to get through the day! So, here it is…I challenge you to go without make-up on your next Monday! Or any day you feel like it! Sure at first you may feel bare, but its beautiful! Show off your natural gorgeous self and encourage others to do the same!

Shed those layers of powder and liners on your face – because in reality you may look better for the moment but wearing it too often and not taking it off can cause more wrinkles later on!

DSC_0657Like I said – I do love make up! I even did the make up for this wonderful lady and used her eyes for a photo shoot! But it is just as important to feel confident in your own skin, to take off those bright yellow eye lashes and be yourself! Granted, most of you probably aren’t wearing these beauties on a regular basis. But you get the idea 🙂

To show you that I am going to follow my own challenge as much as I encourage you to – here’s my No Make-Up Monday photo!
 DSC_0195Until next time natural beauties 🙂


The Perfect Shot

Hello viewers!

One of my dreams is to be able to travel the world as a photographer. I hope to photograph nature in all its beauty so those who couldn’t make they journey are able to see all that surrounds them in the world. I love all the meaning behind a photo, it gives emotion and knowledge. Some take your breath away at the incredible ability to capture such a life like image that makes the viewer truly feel like he or she is there. I strive to become such a photographer that can make viewers gasp at the images, make them tear up at the beauty, and make them laugh. 

I am always learning new techniques to become a better photographer. I still stare in awe at some images, just taking in the quality it provides. I love love love macro shots!! One thing I love to do is grab my macro lens and get as close to a flower as possible, capturing only a tiny part of it. Then when you look at the image it takes time to realize what the photo is of. Its like a mystery, a beautiful delicate mystery. 

Lets talk Cameras! What’s your preference? I got a Nikon about 5 years ago and I cannot imagine having anything else! Sure, it may just seem to some like a tool used to achieve the image. But to me…the way it feels in your hand, where the buttons are located, the way the lenses attach. It is almost an art in itself. Looking at a camera from another company is like a foreign world! The menu is weird, and the buttons are on the wrong side! Ha, I’m sure I sound like a crazy lady right now…but I really love photography. Every bit of it. 

What are some of your dreams and hopes for the future? I love to hear what people have passions for and want to accomplish in life. And please, if you have any photography tips or advice leave some comments! I would love to try some new ideas! 

i’ll leave you with some photos of my own!aranislandbutterfly copyDSC_0715 copy

Until next time wonderful readers! 🙂

Cupcakes From Years Past

I hope everyone has had a good day! 🙂 Tonight I want to reflect on some previous cupcakes I have made. Some of these are from birthdays and celebrations, while others were just for fun! I want to show you that with a little motivation you can create anything. I have never been taught how to properly decorate cupcakes, I am always learning from experience…and trust me there have been plenty of failures that have made way for my successes. If your feeling a little hesitant on your baking skills I hope this provides you with some inspiration to just throw that out the window and get to baking!

Sometimes the internet really can be your best friend! Here are two cupcakes that I made for birthday parties, one tangled themed and the other spider man themed! I googled a few ideas for how to turn these themes into cupcake decorations and then I went out and made it my own!

DSC_0642DSC_0643DSC_0644Here are the Tangled themed cupcakes! This was the first time I tried making smooth icing that you see in the purple. It worked out so well! I simply make regular icing and then…ready for the magic…microwave it! Just for a few seconds and the stir it so its almost a soupy texture, then gently dip your cupcakes in the icing bowl. Just dip them till you see the icing reach the edge of the cupcake tops. I absolutely love the smooth glossy look it gives the cupcakes! Next, I simply went over each cupcakes with yellow icing in a braiding technique to act as the long hair. Only two overlapping icing layers are needed, not three like you would expect. The two layers of icing overlapping in an uneven pattern actually make it look like there are three pieces. Finally, I added some finishing touches like flower sprinkles, bows, and of course the miniature tangled doll! I purchased a small tangled figurine with multiple outfits from Target, it worked perfectly!

WP_001696WP_001695Next are these bright spider man cupcakes! Once again I headed to Target for a spider man action figure. These cupcakes were also easier then you may think! I used the same icing technique as I did for the Tangled cupcakes, except with red instead of purple this time. Next I made some bright blue icing and the smallest tip I could get my hands on! Then I simply drew five or six lines with icing going from the center of the cupcake to the edge. Then I connected each line with a curved line! Easy as that! As for the spider man logo on the one cupcake…I did my best to free hand it. It wasn’t perfect, but I did my best and I was proud with the results!

Hopefully I haven’t bored you with those two baking ideas! I’m just going to leave you with a few photos for ideas you may want to use in the future! They are pretty basic so I won’t provide any step by steps instructions, but please do leave a comment if you have any questions! I’d love to talk 🙂
Until next time bakers… 


Tie-Dye Cupcakes
WP_001029Easter Basket CupcakesWP_001033Pink Lemonade CupcakesWP_002026Cookies and Cream Cupcakes


Food for Thought

Hello Readers!

Today I am going to talk about some delicious foods you should try! One of them is a plain mix that I spiced up a little! The next is a delicious dish that you should definitely go out and grab right away!

First we are going to talk breakfast, what is better then starting your day with pancakes! Although, maybe your kitchen is stocked a bit like mine and you have that one pancake mix that always seems to be sitting in the pantry and never gets used. As you may have read from my previous post on cupcakes I love giving mixes a little boost! I decided to get some use out of that pancake mix and stirred it up in a bowl with water like instructed. Instead of pouring it right on a pan, I added two extra ingredients. I got out one of my favorites, the brown sugar! yum! Don’t worry about how many tablespoons or anything like that, just pour in a good amount or whatever is to your liking. Then get out that ground cinnamon! I gave my batter a decent sprinkling,but once again add however much you feel comfortable with! Next I got to cooking, and I made a plain pancake to see how much ingredients worked together – success! Next I added some toppings while the pancakes were in the pan. Chocolate Chunks and Bananas!! Here’s the turn out! WP_003864I was so pleased with the flavor that was achieved by just adding brown sugar and cinnamon. So use up that plain pancake mix in your pantry and give it a boost!

Oh, and don’t forget the perfect partner for warm flavorful pancakes – a cold glass of milk!WP_003868Next we are going to check out on of my new favorite side dishes! Everyone, grab your keys and head to GIANT Food Stores! They have, in my opinion, the best pasta salad of the summer! Headed to a summer cook out and need to supply some food? Go grab this beautiful Greek Pasta Salad! If your anything like me, you don’t even need an occasion! Just grab a fork and dig in. WP_003863Look at this gorgeous dish! The pops of red and green, and the hunks of feta cheese! The flavors in this pasta jump out even more so then its amazing colors. It really is the perfect dish to cool the summer heat!

What are you waiting for!? Go grab some of this delicious pasta salad!

Can’t go out right now? Head to these websites to check out your future buys at GIANT Food Stores!

Until next time hungry readers 😉


In Search of Success

Hello again!

This time I’m not going to give tips or advice to you. Today, I am actually going to ask for tips from you! I am completely new to the blogging world, so share all your secret ways with me 😉

I do have a few questions specifically if you can’t think of any tips off the top of your head!

Is there a certain way that you should reference a place if you are blogging about one of their products?

What are the crazy jumbled words and symbols that come up in the results whenever i search for how to make a change on my profile!? haha! It seems like a whole new language that I have never seen before. “Insert jumbled letters here to change the layout of such and such”

Finally, what is the best way to reach out to new readers? Are there any specific things that you find work best or advice to stay away from?

I might get back to a normal type post later today, but for now I am going to take some advice from the people who will see my blog most – the readers!

Please don’t be shy with any feedback, I am so excited to be joining the blogging world and I look forward to meeting you! 🙂

Fresh out of the Oven!

What better to do than bake when your up at 2am and can’t seem to sleep!? I was determined to make a successful vanilla cupcake with vanilla butter-cream icing. Being a classic flavor, you’d think it would be a simple task. However, for some reason butter-cream has given me plenty of trouble. I always ended up with a pure butter taste! After doing some research online I realized a few of my mistakes. 1) NEVER soften your butter with the microwave or any other way, let it sit and soften on its own!! 2) You really can make butter-cream with basic ingredients you have at home, no need to run to the store for anything fancy. 3) Don’t rush the process, slowly mix your ingredients in the correct order and let them mix for a while.

The first thing I thought of when I realized I had mastered the butter-cream was to share it with you! so here goes my late night baking adventure 🙂

Betty Crocker's The Big Book of CupcakesThe Big Book of Cupcakes by Betty Crocker gave me the perfect recipes to use! The book has the basics like vanilla and chocolate cakes as well as icings right in the first few pages! It’s a perfect go-to when your in need of tips on recipes and icing methods. I used the yellow cake recipe and vanilla butter-cream recipe for my late night baking adventures!

WP_003844Time to fill the baking cups! I was thrilled with the way the batter came out, it was so light and fluffy! While I think box mixes can be absolutely amazing, I must say I love the thickness of home-made better. With that said, definitely don’t think box mixes make your baking any less amazing! I used box mixes all the time until I was comfortable making my own batter from scratch. From time to time I still grab a box mix and add in some of my own ingredients to personalize it! The spice cake mix has to be my favorite! It works for everything, add some fresh apples into the batter and its even more amazing!

WP_003847Back to my vanilla butter-cream cupcakes! Bake Baby Bake!!! One of my favorite parts of baking is watching the batter rise into cute little cakes. Ah, and the amazing vanilla smell that fills my kitchen! Here’s a tip as far as baking time goes…don’t set a timer! It’s not a life changing tip, but honestly it made me feel more confident in my baking. Instead of watching the timer count down, I was looking at my cupcakes. I would check the color to see how they looked as they were baking, I would check them with toothpicks, and look at the texture. Some times the little things can make the biggest difference. After all my time of watching cupcakes bake it’s just natural now to know when they are ready to be pulled out of the oven. So give yourself a little boost in the confidence department and get rid of that timer 🙂 Just don’t forget they are in the oven! haha!

PonyPhoto2014-07-15_03-02-02-AMHooray! They are done and ready to be eaten! I was so very proud of the texture and flavor of the cake, and even more so of the icing! I was nervous at first because the icing seemed to have a strange texture at first, but a little more mixing and it was good to go! Have you ever watched the process of mixing your icing? One minute its lumpy butter and sugar and then poof! All of a sudden it’s a creamy fluffy mixture. It amazes me every time.

WP_003859I hope this post has given you a few helpful hints and some motivation to believe in your baking! I have so many photos from previous cupcakes and recipes I have used to be on the lookout for some more ideas in the near future! If you have any unique baking ideas please comment and share them with me! 🙂

Until next time! – I’m off to grab a cupcake 😉


A new beginning!

Hola Readers!

I am so excited to begin this journey with you in the blogging world! I have always thought it took an exciting and unusual life to be a successful blogger, but I realized it really just takes a little leap of faith! I have always love writing, so why not put it to good use. I hope to use this blog to show others that you can do anything you put your mind to. I am in the process of creating my own baking products, becoming a photographer, surviving college, and now writing a blog! I have always loved photography and I hope to pursue it as a career in my spare time. I am also attending college to become an elementary education teacher- wish me luck! haha! As for baking, it is another passion of mine that I am working on. I absolutely love making cupcakes, you will definitely see photos of my baking in the coming blogs! Another big passion of mine that is more recent is fitness. I am working on becoming healthier and more muscular, as you may have gather from the blog name! My amazing boyfriend has been my best motivation and personal trainer. Here’s the part where most people would tell you how motivated they are and how easy it is to be fit like them. I going to be honest with you, I am not like that at all. I am awful at making myself get out of bed and get to the gym. I have plenty of lazy days where I just completely fail at getting myself up and going. This is a completely different story when I am at school and have my boyfriend dragging me to the gym, however badly I beg to stay home. So my advice to you, use the buddy system! Seriously, it is one of the best ways to be successful. Find someone else with similar goals and motivate each other to get your butts up and head to the gym! I am not saying it will be easy or come with out its struggles, as everything in life does, but having someone by you side will definitely help. As a future teacher, I am always looking to learn. So my promise to you all is that as I learn I will share my experiences with you! The good, the bad, and the crazy! Hopefully between the both of us we can learn some new things and accomplish our goals!
Until next time 🙂